Cancer Breakthrough

adult-header-image3Our lunchtime bible study prayed for a coworker’s wife who had breast cancer. She was going in for surgery. There was concern they might be looking at doing a future mastectomy if they weren’t able to be successful this time or if it had spread. After Mark explained the situation we, mostly new Christians, laid hands on him and we prayed. Everyone in the group chimed in. There were hugs and hand shakes afterwards. This was on June 29th.

Mark returned to work today. All smiles. He reported that the doctors reported that the tumors were much smaller than they thought they would find! After removing them and doing other scans last week there is no sign of anything more! She will do a few radiation treatments to be sure. Today he told me he wanted to join in on our Bible study. I smiled and told him what we were studying. God is still moving here, as if there was any doubt?

~Trevor, Prior Lake