Continuous Transformation Part 5

check-signing-658397I received a phone call from my boss. He received a phone call from our customer about all that was happening at the Plymouth location . He said I got rave reviews! Not only that but that I was going to receive a 2.00 an hour tip from them! They said, “We want to reward his obedience to God.” My boss was surprised by the statement as was I. I work around 280 hours a month for them. [Read more…]

Calling Out Destiny

teacher-artI was taking some high school students on a college visit to St. Cloud university. I got the opportunity to engage a retired teacher who was leading this college visit.  She sounded bored and disconnected with these students. Her heart was in the right place though. I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to talk to her about purpose and destiny. I was brief and she said she was too old for destiny ideals. I responded to her that if she was still alive that she had a purpose. This was a hour long drive. [Read more…]


bankWe host an engage group in Burnsville and have recently been spending time each meeting praying for different levels of financial breakthrough for our families and our neighborhood. Recently, after specific prayer for his situation, one of our regular attendees received a new job that increased his pay by 40%.

At our last meeting, [Read more…]

Financial Breakthrough

mail_delivery_299349A beautiful woman came to our Engage group in St Peter. She shared with us that she had a visitation from an Angel that referred to himself as the “Minister of Finance.”  As she shared, one of the other people attending encouraged her to pray for him and about a week or so later, the man was given a check for $20,000 for his ministry.  2 weeks later during our engage group she prayed again, except this time she prayed for the entire group. The next day I received a random check in the mail for $500.00. Wow… Praise God!

~Nancy, St. Peter

Work Connection

painter_600_1I was working downtown one day and I was pretty sure I would have an opportunity to encounter a homeless person while I was heading to the job site.  As I expected, a man stood with a sign on a corner.  The stoplight turned red, so I rolled down my window and began interacting with him.  I gave him some cash and found out that he was a painter by trade, but was just having trouble finding jobs to work.
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