Wedding Dance

I met my son-in-law’s mother for the first time at his and my daughter’s wedding this summer. I had known she had been in a car accident years ago, and as a result, has been on disability, and had also been experiencing severe back pain, to the point that she rarely left her home. During the reception, she had gotten up, just before the dance was to start I got up to be with her, and she told me she couldn’t sit anymore because her back hurt so bad, and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to dance with her son, as he had requested. I asked her if I could lay a hand on that area and pray for her. She said yes, so I did. I later found out she was able to dance with her son and that the pain had diminished. Fast forward three months. I just spoke with her recently, and she shared that she hasn’t experienced that level of pain since then!!!!

~Donna, Savage

Pain gone!

roycehitopwalker2A friend and I went to a Japanese cultural event in St. Paul and, while we were there, saw a girl with a plastic boot on her leg. We asked her what happened and she said she had a stress fracture and her pain level was at a 3 at the moment. We prayed for her and her pain went down to a 1 or 2. Then we had her friends pray for her by repeating after us and all of her pain left. We were able to share the love of Jesus with her and her friend and prophecy over their lives.

~Kristen, Apple Valley

Runner’s Prayer

Paul-RunnerI was a block from my house getting gas at Holiday when I saw an older gentleman walking around in running clothes shaking his legs as if he just ran. The Lord highlighted him to me so I walked over and started a conversation about running. He told me that he has had three surgeries on the left knee, and 5 on the other and a hip replacement and that he was only suppose to ride a bike. I immediately asked if I could pray for his joints as Jesus loves to show up and love people and heal them. [Read more…]

Cancer Breakthrough

adult-header-image3Our lunchtime bible study prayed for a coworker’s wife who had breast cancer. She was going in for surgery. There was concern they might be looking at doing a future mastectomy if they weren’t able to be successful this time or if it had spread. After Mark explained the situation we, mostly new Christians, laid hands on him and we prayed. Everyone in the group chimed in. There were hugs and hand shakes afterwards. This was on June 29th. [Read more…]

Continuous Transformation Part 3

Mechanic101111In Plymouth, a few days later my friend, Cal, and the guy with the healed wrist nick named Springy (works with overhead sprinklers) and I just finished with our study of the gospel of John. About an hour later Cal came out to the bus with a man nick named Tinner (works with mechanical company). Cal had called an ambulance. Apparently Tinner was working on a cooling unit on a diesel generator that was running too hot. The engine broke a line and sprayed 200 +degree oil on his hand. Even with protective equipment on he was still burned. [Read more…]

Continuous Transformation Part 2

In Plymouth we celebrated 180 days accident free with a company I am working with. The project manager and I have been studying the Bible together for a couple of weeks. During one of the work days a man had fell off a ladder and badly hurt his wrist. His wrist was wrapped up and my new friend brought him on the bus to take him to the clinic to have it looked at. Once at the clinic my friend gave me a look and hand motion asking if we should pray for this guy before going in. We asked him. He agreed. We said a short prayer, declared healing in Jesus name. [Read more…]

Client Healing

Brush_In_Green_Paint_CanI own my own painting business and at an estimate, after the older couple agreed to have me paint their house, I asked if there was anything I could pray for in their life. I asked if I could pray for any healing in their bodies. A little uncomfortable the wife began to tell me the church they are apart of. After many words they pronounced that I wasn’t a true follower of Jesus because of the way they believe. Without getting offended I shared my testimony about Jesus radically changing my life. Then I asked again if I could pray. She said I could pray silently and they would pray silently for me to come to the truth.  [Read more…]

UPDATE: Hospital Access

149263308I just heard from Kristen!  None of the four patients have returned for treatment. She can’t tell me details because of privacy laws, but she said the only way the doctor would let them not go back for treatment is if they were in remission or the cancer was gone! Praise the Lord!

~Trevor, Prior Lake

Hospital Access

149263308I was at the Specialty Care Unit to get some IV steroid treatments and my nurse was named Kristin. She is 36 and is part of a large charismatic church in Brooklyn Park. She was wonderful at her job. She knew at age 14 that she wanted to be a nurse in oncology because cancer took her grandmother. She stated that she was challenged by that fact that after all the prayers for her patients for healing and their faith that they were still dying. She didn’t understand her lack of success. I felt lead by the Spirit to talk to her about hope. After a half an hour of treatment and conversation she was greatly encouraged and empowered with wisdom to try again.  When I came back the next day for the same treatment I had no idea that I was now apart of that plan. [Read more…]

Healed Through Testimony

6974305729_5167bd25f5_zAt our monthly Supernatural Circuit Training, 3 people decided to heal each other’s feet. We shared that feet were being healed in the room and then received this testimony the next day:

“Last night you were teaching about the power of the testimony and you said that someone in the room was getting healing for their foot. I said “I’ll receive that testimony”. No one prayed for me, I didn’t even pray… I just said out loud “I’ll receive that testimony” and went on to the next activation not thinking any more of it. This morning I woke up and took my first step out of bed — NO PAIN! For the first time in I don’t remember how long – I didn’t have to walk like I was 80 years old until my muscles or whatever stretched enough to where I could walk semi-normally. Praise the Lord who can do abundantly and exceedingly more than we can dream or imagine! I continue to be in awe of Him!”

~Kristen, Apple Valley