Continuous Transformation – Blessing Them As They Go

In Plymouth today my small group of six on a bus came to a close. With the project manager who started this whole thing with a confession of sin and then salvation to three healings, two more salvations, prophesies and re-dedications, we are parting ways. The P.M. got a new job in Maryland, the sprinkler a new assignment in Blaine, the two sparkies and tinners were reassigned to Shakopee and the G.I. golden girl a new job in Wisconsin. As we started to depart we took time to do just as our pastor has our congregation do when we say goodbye to a member of the family of God; we laid hands on each other and commissioned each to their field of harvest. There were smiles, hugs, a lot of encouragement and praising God for all that happened here this spring and summer. I will keep in touch through email but I will still muss them and the time we had together. Thank you Lord.

~Trevor, Prior Lake

Runner’s Prayer

Paul-RunnerI was a block from my house getting gas at Holiday when I saw an older gentleman walking around in running clothes shaking his legs as if he just ran. The Lord highlighted him to me so I walked over and started a conversation about running. He told me that he has had three surgeries on the left knee, and 5 on the other and a hip replacement and that he was only suppose to ride a bike. I immediately asked if I could pray for his joints as Jesus loves to show up and love people and heal them. [Read more…]

Divine Help

superamerica11I went to Super America and walked into a long line of people and a shrieking alarm going off. I saw a young lady looking really panicking. I looked at store sign in window for the store number. I headed to the back of store. I use to manage a store like this so I knew what to do. I found the Gilbarco fuel monitoring system. I hit the silence alarm button then typed in the pin number, being the store number. The alarm went off and I heard from the front people gasping a collective, “Thank God”. [Read more…]

Power of a Testimony

article-2375435-1AF61A28000005DC-635_634x629I met a courier at Super America this morning. Being a fellow CDL driver I stopped to engage him because his hood was up and he looked a little frustrated. After greeting him and introducing myself, I asked what was wrong with his vehicle. As he was explaining I noticed a cross tattoo on his arm. I knew I couldn’t help with what was wrong mechanically but for some reason the memory of my daughter came to mind. So I told him the testimony of when she, at the age of 5, suggested that we pray for the car when it wouldn’t start. [Read more…]

His Presence

imagesToday in Plymouth I spent the afternoon talking with a woman named Jen. She is a veteran of the Kuwaiti, Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She came to me because she heard my prayers help. She’s experienced the loss of a brother in war, a husband to adultery while she was at war, and a double mascstomy after coming back from war. She has been diagnosed with PTSD. She suffers from anxiety and depression as well. Her only companion and friend is her dog which was trained to be a companion dog. She wanted prayer simply looking for a friend, someone to help her to keep over coming all of these things. [Read more…]

Continuous Transformation Part 5

check-signing-658397I received a phone call from my boss. He received a phone call from our customer about all that was happening at the Plymouth location . He said I got rave reviews! Not only that but that I was going to receive a 2.00 an hour tip from them! They said, “We want to reward his obedience to God.” My boss was surprised by the statement as was I. I work around 280 hours a month for them. [Read more…]

Continuous Transformation Part 4

In Plymouth a man nick named Sparky (Electrician) asked me while on his break about his headaches. He said he had heard about the two healings that had happened involving me. He asked me to pray for him. I agreed. As I was praying for him I received a word of knowledge. It was a visual picture of him working and doing a repetitive motion on the job. The Lord showed me C3. This was a vertabrae that was out of place in his neck causing the headaches due to that repetitive motion. After praying for him. I described to him what I saw. He looked surprised and said I described what he has been doing for the last six months. [Read more…]

Deli Perspective

delicase_5I was at a local grocery store at the deli waiting to purchase some meat. I was getting rather frustrated because it was taking a little time for them to find the meat I wanted. I was aware that two women had come up next to me, waiting to place their order. I made a side comment to them about my meat not being readily available, and one of the women said something. I kept going, and they said, “Didn’t you hear what I said?” I stopped and said, “No.” [Read more…]

Led By The Children

Our engage group in St. Cloud met the Sunday after the Engage conference at the House. Our children came back so compelled by seeing the power of God in action, that their boldness was uncontainable. After sharing stories from our lives and also from the Engage conference, one of the 10 year olds declared that he was going out to pray for every person in the neighborhood. And he did so, with the 11 year old and a 5 year old in tow. Any neighbors that were out and about were asked if they needed or wanted prayer. If no one was home, the kids took initiative and simply prayed over the home and people living there.
[Read more…]

Prophetic Ministry at School

thLife at the school I work at has been phenomenal this week. Tuesday evening, after hearing an amazing testimony, I prayed for the administration at the school, and the Lord gave me words for three of them. First, I was able to give an encouraging word to the principal, and he received it after he determined I didn’t have some hidden personal message in it. The second one happened the next day with the assistant principal, and she received her word, both saying they will think about it. Her response was one of gratitude that I was willing to do this kind of thing! The third I delivered the next day. I said one word to her and she started crying. We hugged and I know they were all touched that I told them I was praying for them, then that the Lord had a personal word for them. God also aligned the timing, because they’re not usually very available!

~ Donna, Savage