Panera Outreach

Tben1his is Ben. I met him outside of Panera Bread this morning. He is homeless. He was getting out of the rain. He was coming from Idaho going to Wisconsin to do a painting job. He was upbeat. Showed me all of his gear on his pull behind cart. He’s been living from job to job since coming back from Afghanistan. He’s a U.S. army veteran. Because of some mental health issues he can’t handle being in one place to long. He feels that he’s always being followed and doesn’t sleep much. He says he likes being a loner. I bought him some coffee and a few donuts. He refused anything more. When he was in the restroom I tucked what cash I had in his backpack. The rain has now slowed up here in Plymouth. He allowed me to take his picture. He also let me pray for him. He has no contact info. I prophesied over him and he liked what I said. He has just took off for Wisconsin. Wish I could of done more. May God find him purpose and others to help him get there. God speed Ben.

~Trevor, Prior Lake

Let Jesus Take The Wheel

3011-2A few of us have been ministering to the folks at Wild Bills Saloon in Apple Valley. We stand outside the doors of the bar, introduce ourselves, and say, “We’re operating a ministry called ‘Let Jesus Take the Wheel’… we are offering people a free ride home tonight! If you feel as if you’ve had too much to drink and can’t make it home safe, we got you! Do you need a ride?”

A typical rider’s experience is as follows:
1) Initially: “Are you serious? That’s so beautiful? … Are you serious? Wow thank you!” [Read more…]

Lost Student

20100826_northropauditorium_33I was taking an elementary school to the Northrop Auditorium, and they were short on chaperones and having trouble with how to keep track of the students.  I told them I had velcro straps that are florescent that I usually use for luggage that we could  have the kids where them as arm bands.

At the end of the day we loaded up again. Even with the idea we were missing one student! These are second graders so panic set in. A couple of men went looking for him. His name was Tucker. As I waited I ask the Lord. “Where is Tucker?” [Read more…]

Applebee’s Encounter

My daughters and I were in Applebee’s where we noticed a table with 3 moms and their young kids. The kids were upset because they were hungry and the mom’s were pretty stressed as well. I stopped and asked if everything was alright and found out they were all single moms, one who had 5 kids and was recently widowed. Being a single mom at one time we connected immediately. Before leaving I realized that I had 3 gift cards to Caribou that were purchased earlier for an office party. I took the cards out and gave them to the moms. [Read more…]

Tip For A Taxi

betrunken-taxiAt work I received a twenty dollar tip which was unusual for this client, but I had an impression from the Lord that this wasn’t for me. Later one of the ladies I shuttled to the parking lot got back on and went back to work even though work was over for the day. Later I saw her in the lobby on the phone as I kept returning she was still there, and then I saw her crying. My heart was moved with compassion and in my mind I saw a car being towed. Immediately I knew that her car was repossessed. The Lord gave me a few more pieces of information. I walked up to her and asked if I could help her because I was leaving soon.

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The Lady Next Door’s Family

sidewalk-chalkLast week, my youngest son, my grandson and I were out in the front yard, when I noticed the neighbor man outside with his young son. In the two years I’ve lived next to him, we had never met.  Well, I’d just talked with his wife for the first time the previous week, so I thought he was probably just as cool as she is. It wouldn’t hurt to try talking with him again.

We grabbed a bucket of sidewalk chalk and strode across the lawn, as though the neighbor wouldn’t bite. I must have great supernatural authority, because in fact, he never did! We drew on his driveway, together, with the kids. As I drew the world’s greatest tricycle superhighway on his pavement, we discussed our jobs. He had a really interesting one, and the hours explained why never saw him much.  [Read more…]

The Lady Next Door

peony-bush-may-2008A few weeks ago, I met the lady next door.  This neighbor seemed to be elusive. Whenever I would see her or her husband outside, they wouldn’t respond to a neighborly “hello…” I was as if they couldn’t hear – and each time, they would go back into their house, immediately. 

I was frustrated
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Massage Ministry

massageTonight I went for a massage. My massage therapist has a history of Mormonism and began asking me a lot of questions about my faith. She reported that she didn’t practice Mormonism but she had a desire for her kids to have a deep and meaningful faith. She said a lot of her experiences with church were “scary” and judgmental. I had the opportunity to share all about the abundance of life in Jesus. [Read more…]

Dream & Encouragement

image327Last night I had a dream about someone I have known for over 30 years, not as a friend, an acquaintance who has kids the age of my kids, a lovely lady who lives within blocks of me, Renee. I dreamt I was in her yard. She had a large woody bush/tree that had died. I asked her what she was going to make with it. She said she is making a bench.

I was out in my front yard this morning.  I saw 2 ladies walking up the street.  I realized that one of them was Renee.  [Read more…]