Game Night Healing! Video Testimony

Anthony is a card game inventor who was play testing at a local business.  While there he had the opportunity to participate in an awesome healing, view the video above!


Shoulder Healed! Video Testimony

Update from Andrew:Had my shoulder prayed for yesterday which resulted in a clean bill of health from my orthopedic sports surgeon this morning! The doctor spent like 20 minutes trying to get my shoulder to hurt again, haha! I have a God who heals!


Wrist Healed! Video Testimony

Ankle Healed – Video Testimony


Video Message: What is Supernatural Love?

When we choose to intentionally love others, the power and grace of God that abides in us is released and people are healed, restored and saved.

The second commitment of an Engage Laborer is to perform an act of Supernatural Love each week, this could be:
– Word of Prophecy or Encouragement
– Act of service or generosity
– Healing or prayer ministry
– Share God stories with people or introducing someone to Jesus

And as we do these acts of Supernatural Love, people are going to experience the peace and provision of heaven and come to know Jesus.  Then, as we share the stories of how God’s love is being released, the atmospheres in our cities will shift and there will be tremendous momentum.

We’d love to hear the stories of how your acts of Supernatural Love are impacting others, to share your story, click here!

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Video Message: Why Gather Together?

When we come together to connect with one another and God, and to share the stories of what He’s doing, there is tremendous momentum and encouragement.

The third commitment of an Engage Laborer is to gather monthly.  Home groups will be meeting twice per month and you’re encouraged to participate as often as you can.  As we worship and share, you’ll be equipped with more stories and encouraged to continue in prayer and supernatural love.

To find a home group near you, click here!

You can also View Part 1 – Why Pray? or View Part 2 – Supernatural Love


Video Message: Why Pray?

When we pray, our hearts are activated and we feel alive with anticipation.  That’s why the first commitment as an Engage Laborer is to pray daily – that workers would be sent and souls would be saved.

As we pray, our hearts will become engaged with the people in our community and we’ll become expectant that others will be raised up to join us in the harvest.

To learn more about Engage and what it means to be a Laborer, click here!

You can also View Part 2 – Supernatural Love and View Part 3 – Why Gather?


Learn more, watch the video!