Continuous Transformation – Blessing Them As They Go

In Plymouth today my small group of six on a bus came to a close. With the project manager who started this whole thing with a confession of sin and then salvation to three healings, two more salvations, prophesies and re-dedications, we are parting ways. The P.M. got a new job in Maryland, the sprinkler a new assignment in Blaine, the two sparkies and tinners were reassigned to Shakopee and the G.I. golden girl a new job in Wisconsin. As we started to depart we took time to do just as our pastor has our congregation do when we say goodbye to a member of the family of God; we laid hands on each other and commissioned each to their field of harvest. There were smiles, hugs, a lot of encouragement and praising God for all that happened here this spring and summer. I will keep in touch through email but I will still muss them and the time we had together. Thank you Lord.

~Trevor, Prior Lake