Divine Help

superamerica11I went to Super America and walked into a long line of people and a shrieking alarm going off. I saw a young lady looking really panicking. I looked at store sign in window for the store number. I headed to the back of store. I use to manage a store like this so I knew what to do. I found the Gilbarco fuel monitoring system. I hit the silence alarm button then typed in the pin number, being the store number. The alarm went off and I heard from the front people gasping a collective, “Thank God”.
I came back out and let the cashier clean out her line of customers. I then approached and told her what I did. She wasn’t mad because I kinda broke the rules in doing that. She was relieved and wrote down the procedure for what I did. She was so thankful. She explained her manager was late. It was her first day alone. She said, “Thank God you were here.” I replied, “Yep, God’s looking out for you.” She smiled and then I left the store. I guess you could say that I was spreading some seed or something. Ok so someone can go water…anyone?

~Trevor, Prior Lake