Frequently Asked Questions



“Can I bring my children?”
Each home group will determine how children are incorporated and the level of participation they will have.  Some groups may find it best to coordinate childcare for the evening while others will establish age-appropriate ways for them to participate.  Please check with your home group leader to determine guidelines for your group.

“Do I have to attend the group closest to me?”
No.  You are free to attend any group at any time.

“Do I always have to attend the same group?”
No.  Though you are encouraged to become established in one if possible.  This will allow for relationships to be formed and a stronger sense of connection with one another, but it’s not mandatory.

“I’m interested in hosting a home group, how do I get started?”
If you are interested in hosting a group, please attend one of the existing groups and help to make it great.  Intermittently throughout the year, new home leaders will be trained and launched. To register to be a home leader, click here!


“Do I still attend my local church?”
Yes!  Participants of Engage are encouraged to stay connected to and serve in their local church.  Engage exists to develop further structure and community for reaching out to our neighborhoods, cities and region.  Participating in Engage should strengthen you in your Christian life, not cause you to be divided or over-tasked.


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