Panera Outreach

Tben1his is Ben. I met him outside of Panera Bread this morning. He is homeless. He was getting out of the rain. He was coming from Idaho going to Wisconsin to do a painting job. He was upbeat. Showed me all of his gear on his pull behind cart. He’s been living from job to job since coming back from Afghanistan. He’s a U.S. army veteran. Because of some mental health issues he can’t handle being in one place to long. He feels that he’s always being followed and doesn’t sleep much. He says he likes being a loner. I bought him some coffee and a few donuts. He refused anything more. When he was in the restroom I tucked what cash I had in his backpack. The rain has now slowed up here in Plymouth. He allowed me to take his picture. He also let me pray for him. He has no contact info. I prophesied over him and he liked what I said. He has just took off for Wisconsin. Wish I could of done more. May God find him purpose and others to help him get there. God speed Ben.

~Trevor, Prior Lake