Power of a Testimony

article-2375435-1AF61A28000005DC-635_634x629I met a courier at Super America this morning. Being a fellow CDL driver I stopped to engage him because his hood was up and he looked a little frustrated. After greeting him and introducing myself, I asked what was wrong with his vehicle. As he was explaining I noticed a cross tattoo on his arm. I knew I couldn’t help with what was wrong mechanically but for some reason the memory of my daughter came to mind. So I told him the testimony of when she, at the age of 5, suggested that we pray for the car when it wouldn’t start.

After telling him the story, he smiled and said, “Well, it can’t hurt.” So right there at the S.A. we laid hands on the truck. He got back in started it up, the oil pressure was back up. Oil light and check engine light was off!  He got back out, came over to me, shook my hand and said, “Praise the Lord, I should of thought of that.” I replied, “I know how you feel. My daughter had to remind me too.” He smiled and we chatted for bit and drove our separate ways. Matt was a great guy. Glad to see other believers out there doing what I do. Way to go God!

~Trevor, Prior Lake