Continuous Transformation Part 4

In Plymouth a man nick named Sparky (Electrician) asked me while on his break about his headaches. He said he had heard about the two healings that had happened involving me. He asked me to pray for him. I agreed. As I was praying for him I received a word of knowledge. It was a visual picture of him working and doing a repetitive motion on the job. The Lord showed me C3. This was a vertabrae that was out of place in his neck causing the headaches due to that repetitive motion. After praying for him. I described to him what I saw. He looked surprised and said I described what he has been doing for the last six months. [Read more…]

Continuous Transformation Part 3

Mechanic101111In Plymouth, a few days later my friend, Cal, and the guy with the healed wrist nick named Springy (works with overhead sprinklers) and I just finished with our study of the gospel of John. About an hour later Cal came out to the bus with a man nick named Tinner (works with mechanical company). Cal had called an ambulance. Apparently Tinner was working on a cooling unit on a diesel generator that was running too hot. The engine broke a line and sprayed 200 +degree oil on his hand. Even with protective equipment on he was still burned. [Read more…]

Continuous Transformation Part 2

In Plymouth we celebrated 180 days accident free with a company I am working with. The project manager and I have been studying the Bible together for a couple of weeks. During one of the work days a man had fell off a ladder and badly hurt his wrist. His wrist was wrapped up and my new friend brought him on the bus to take him to the clinic to have it looked at. Once at the clinic my friend gave me a look and hand motion asking if we should pray for this guy before going in. We asked him. He agreed. We said a short prayer, declared healing in Jesus name. [Read more…]

Client Healing

Brush_In_Green_Paint_CanI own my own painting business and at an estimate, after the older couple agreed to have me paint their house, I asked if there was anything I could pray for in their life. I asked if I could pray for any healing in their bodies. A little uncomfortable the wife began to tell me the church they are apart of. After many words they pronounced that I wasn’t a true follower of Jesus because of the way they believe. Without getting offended I shared my testimony about Jesus radically changing my life. Then I asked again if I could pray. She said I could pray silently and they would pray silently for me to come to the truth.  [Read more…]

Continuous Transformation Part 1

In Plymouth while working on a project I was able to minister mercy and forgiveness to a project manager for some bad things in his life that were eating him up. After that he received salvation!  He is a brand new Christian and bought his first Bible and is attending a small church near Ham Lake where he lives. Since then we have been getting together at lunch and doing a Bible study/Q&A time. We also added introducing him to praise and worship through the years. He really loves the “Jesus is Alive” album by Ron Kenoly from 1991. Old in some regards. But since there are trumpets in the songs, which he plays, he loves it. This happened right after the mission trip ended and returned to work. Kingdom work didn’t stop…haha. Praise the Lord.

~ Trevor, Prior Lake

Deli Perspective

delicase_5I was at a local grocery store at the deli waiting to purchase some meat. I was getting rather frustrated because it was taking a little time for them to find the meat I wanted. I was aware that two women had come up next to me, waiting to place their order. I made a side comment to them about my meat not being readily available, and one of the women said something. I kept going, and they said, “Didn’t you hear what I said?” I stopped and said, “No.” [Read more…]

Led By The Children

Our engage group in St. Cloud met the Sunday after the Engage conference at the House. Our children came back so compelled by seeing the power of God in action, that their boldness was uncontainable. After sharing stories from our lives and also from the Engage conference, one of the 10 year olds declared that he was going out to pray for every person in the neighborhood. And he did so, with the 11 year old and a 5 year old in tow. Any neighbors that were out and about were asked if they needed or wanted prayer. If no one was home, the kids took initiative and simply prayed over the home and people living there.
[Read more…]

Prophetic Ministry at School

thLife at the school I work at has been phenomenal this week. Tuesday evening, after hearing an amazing testimony, I prayed for the administration at the school, and the Lord gave me words for three of them. First, I was able to give an encouraging word to the principal, and he received it after he determined I didn’t have some hidden personal message in it. The second one happened the next day with the assistant principal, and she received her word, both saying they will think about it. Her response was one of gratitude that I was willing to do this kind of thing! The third I delivered the next day. I said one word to her and she started crying. We hugged and I know they were all touched that I told them I was praying for them, then that the Lord had a personal word for them. God also aligned the timing, because they’re not usually very available!

~ Donna, Savage

Prayer Walk with Divine Twist

th6 hours ago I went for a short walk in my neighborhood. As I left my house I was thinking about how it’d be nice to meet some more neighbors, maybe have some divine appointments and was reminded of a time that someone had come up to me on the street asking for spiritual things. I started intensely praying for revival in this land and specifically in Apple Valley.

All of a sudden a friend from church comes sprinting up to me. Totally out of breath, he explains that while he lives in Shakopee he just came from a treasure hunt in Brooklyn Center where the Lord had told him to come to Apple Valley and release Holy Spirit at a home group that meets near by and he asked me to come. [Read more…]

UPDATE: Hospital Access

149263308I just heard from Kristen!  None of the four patients have returned for treatment. She can’t tell me details because of privacy laws, but she said the only way the doctor would let them not go back for treatment is if they were in remission or the cancer was gone! Praise the Lord!

~Trevor, Prior Lake