Wedding Dance

I met my son-in-law’s mother for the first time at his and my daughter’s wedding this summer. I had known she had been in a car accident years ago, and as a result, has been on disability, and had also been experiencing severe back pain, to the point that she rarely left her home. During the reception, she had gotten up, just before the dance was to start I got up to be with her, and she told me she couldn’t sit anymore because her back hurt so bad, and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to dance with her son, as he had requested. I asked her if I could lay a hand on that area and pray for her. She said yes, so I did. I later found out she was able to dance with her son and that the pain had diminished. Fast forward three months. I just spoke with her recently, and she shared that she hasn’t experienced that level of pain since then!!!!

~Donna, Savage